[TWD SCREENCAPS & NEXT PROMO] Lauren as Maggie S03E07 and Mid Season Finale Promo.

You can see all the screencaps from the 7th episode of The Walking Dead here

The episode was so intense!!! I was shaking and crying …anxiety… distress, well, this is The Walking Dead!!! Lauren gave us a great performance as always, her Maggie is just perfect and her talent was palpable. Talking about the show, I’m so sorry for Maggie and Glenn, our hope couple has been violated, they had to go through all of that in so little time. I hope that they’ll be safe after the mid season finale… and that they will have their revenge!!! Yes, the next episode will be the last one for months. Sad and excited at the same time. I really don’t know how to survive after the next week but I can’t wait to watch the 8th episode!!!!

Cross fingers…

Lauren says to 411mania.com: “You’re going to see the theme of the individual versus the whole, and if you can really even draw that line anymore. That’s the biggest part of the season. The collision between Woodbury and the Prison is going to be epic. Maggie and Glenn become a major rock in the storyline. It’s really lovely that we get to have all this heart with those two characters amidst this really dark world.”


The Walking Dead 3×08 “Made to Suffer” – Mid-Season Finale


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