Lauren and her Twitter Wednesday: Fans Love.

2 days ago, Lauren was on Twitter and something really special happened! She’s answered to a lot of fans writing about the book she was reading and much more!

First of all, a boy tweeted: “Are you the real Lauren Cohan? Can you prove it?” and she replied “No” ahahahah somebody doesn’t know what VERIFIED means… LOL!

Then, she shared with us this pic writing “Reading the white tiger I love tigers”  we all know that she loves white tigers, have you seen her background!?

So, she’s reading “The White Tiger” by Aravind Adiga. About the book: “Set in a raw and unromanticized India, The White Tiger—the first-person confession of a murderer—is as compelling for its subject matter as it is for the voice of its narrator: amoral, cynical, unrepentant, yet deeply endearing.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Then the account Hershel’s Leg tweeted to her “Good Morning I hope you think about me today.” and she replied “Every day Aahhahahh

After a lot of replies she tweeted: “Ok back to this book. Methinks we have a metaphorical tiger. Just can’t get the tigers these days.”

A Fan: “Starving tigers to your left, Zombies to your right. Which path would you choose?”

Lauren: Tigers. Thems got class.”


A fan written a sweet message to her “When it comes to you and your smile, I feel like Justin Bieber bc when you smile, I smile”  and after this sad Bieber’s quote fortunately she said thanks sharing this wonderful song by Louis Armstrong!

She loves the books “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel and “The Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell.

A Fan:  “Your portrayal on Sun night 2 a “dying” Herschel was amazing! May 16th, 2011, I said those very words to my Mom b4 she passed.”

Lauren: “All My Love and blessings to you John and wishes to your Mum’s spirit. xo”

Fan: “You should start a book club.. Nobody reads books these days.”

Lauren: “Good idea! &  I’ll give you guys the verdict on White Tiger when done.”

And then…

Yes, this is my personal account! Well that was my happy and speechless moment. “I want to send you something”, I know… it’s an autograph and a lot of fans have her autographed photo… it’s not like meeting her and ask for a sign or a dedication but thinking about her doing something that I’ve not required it’s wonderful! So I replied “If you follow me for a second I write to you the address and then you can unfollow me”

Lauren: “Already done! ;)”

I’ve immediately written the Direct Message with my address adding “You will  have my gifts thanks to Crystal and I hope you’ll love it!!!” 

Lauren:  “I cant wait to see, thank you sweetie! x”

And I can’t wait that she receives the gifts (with the Fanclub Book with all your messages too! I’ll show you all the gifts when she will receive them…)

Now, about the “following”,  I never asked for this and I know that probably it’s just a temporary thing. I always said that it’s annoying to write “Follow me! Follow me!” to our idol on Twitter. I always said that she doesn’t follow the fans because for her it’s a little bit unfair to follow just few fans and that she probably wants to focus on her “following accounts”. A lot of months ago she’s written to me “Thanks for understanding Cristy!” so it’s true. Let’s think about it. If she follows all the fans her wall becomes a mess. She rarely comes on Twitter, she already has a lot of mentions to read, at least the wall is quiet.  I’d love to be followed but maybe is fairer If she follows the Fanclub Account so she can be udpated on her last news on the web. By now I enjoy this special moment in which I read “FOLLOWS YOU” on Twitter and “Following Each Other” on the TweetDeck. I’m so glad and blessed. She knows about my work here, she knows about my dedication, my failed attempt to meet her and she wants to send me something. I’m on the 7th Heaven and my success is your success… that’s why I’m sharing this thing with you all.

Love you all!

Happy days in Lauren’s Appreciation Land!


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