[FANCLUB MESSAGES] My experience without Lauren @ the FACTS Convention in Belgium.

Ok. I think it’s time to talk about it and move on. That convention was supposed to be the realization of my huge dream: meet Lauren Cohan. But sometimes things don’t go the way we expect, we don’t get what we want! You all know that…and this is my story!

I planned the trip and booked everything in 4 days. Lauren confirmed her participation at the last minute by writing to me on Twitter, I thought “It’s destiny! I’ll try the impossible to be there!“. The trip was a nightmare, 12 hours by train, then the plane and then the train again searching for the hotel at midnight in the rain! But you know, I was like “It’s worth the pain!“.

The day after I was so happy and ready to start the adventure, a free day ahead! I walked down the street hoping to meet Lauren, I didn’t know that she wasn’t there. An entire day thinking about our meeting for the day after.

And then!? “IT’S SATURDAY, the big day!” The gifts were ready, I… was ready! I’ve written to you all “Can’t wait, can’t believe it!”, do you remember?! I was ready to share with you all that wonderful experience. We were finally inside the Flanders Expo. A lot of people, oh my, it was crazy! I was really really excited. My first comic-con and I was going to meet my idol. A little walk trying to take it easy. “Ok, the autographs table is in front of me! Lauren will be here at noon! But… wait, there is a paper on her poster, what is it?!”.  I walked quickly over the table with a big smile on my face (“Maybe it’s just the notice of her delay!” I thought) CANCELLED Sorry!

My big smile became a gaping mouth with an astonished facial expression. I remember that I turned to my friends saying, “Lauren has cancelled her presence!” cold as an icicle. I leaned to the first wall that I found and I fell on my knees bursting into tears. You can say that it’s silly, you can say that it’s exaggerated but believe me, there are many reasons behind those tears.

My friends consoled me (even a cosplayer dressed as a soldier ahahah now I think about it with a little smile) and they asked to the Staff the reason for the cancellation. They said “Lauren called few hours ago saying she had to go back in Georgia to film The Walking Dead ahead of schedule. ” 30 minutes ago I was finally ok, sad… but ok! My friends (Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery’s fans) gave me the strength to go to the autographs table to meet Norman.

Norman quickly understood why my eyes were red and puffy saying “Oh I’m so sorry, Lauren is in jail!” . I smiled answering “I know I know…” . Then the girl next to him, Crystal (she follows the TWD Cast at these events) asked my name and my story to write a message to Lauren. I told her about my dream to meet Lauren, about the Fanclub, the gifts (I was really upset) so… she’s taken a picture of me with the “Lauren Cohan Fanclub BOOK” in my hands sending the pic to Lauren. I think that I’ve said “THANK YOU SO MUCH” like 3423543 times. I’ve hugged her and Norman too. So emotional.

In the following hours I was sad and quiet but I tried to be happy for my friends. Norman and Sean are really awesome. They’ve kissed and hugged me a lot of times when I was a little bit sad. They ROCK! I’ve taken the pic with Norman saying at the end “Please, say HI to Lauren for me!” and he replied “Of course, I ‘ll totally do it for you!

“Uhm, the iPhone is vibrating!” . The first day was over and I found a new tweet…

It’s hard to explain the emotions with the words. I was still sad but that tweet was …like an hug, really! I know, I always cry but those were happy tears. For the rest of the time, the next day @ the Convention I tried so hard to be happy and enjoy every moment. I thought “Maybe this is the Lauren’s gift for me! My first Comic-Con, a free weekend… the opportunity to do something different!” and even if money doesn’t grow on trees… after all it was a great experience!!!

I’ve met the one and only Norman Reedus, Mr. President Sean Patrick Flanery (I freaking love Boondock Saints btw…) the great artist of The Walking DeadCharlie Adlard, new wonderful friends and I’ve a new Walking Dead Bracelet by Canvas Warriors (Sandira, Afy… you rock!) and I’ve lived my first “Comic-Con”!


Probably this is the last Convention that I could attend (for many reasons) but I’ll meet YOU one day, I have to! My dream is just postponed! In the meanwhile I’ll try my best to update this Fanclub sharing with the fans my dedication for you!

We’re a family… this is the Lauren Cohan’s appreciation land, right!?

Love you all, I heart you Lauren.


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  1. Awww I just have to comment here. Hi Cristy! remember me? We exchanged emails a couple of months ago. I’m a Lauren Cohan fan too and I regularly read your posts. I felt bad when I read the Facebook update but now, let me just say I feel so happy for you! 🙂 I do hope you meet her one day and when you do, say hi for me from the Philippines! 🙂

    • Aww, thank you so much for following me and thank you so much for this comment. It means a lot. Big hug. Let’s hope…

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