[NEWS] @LaurenCohan is finally on Twitter: Her best tweets and answers.

This is a WONDERFUL weekend and not just because THE WALKING DEAD will be back


Lauren is in England right now, with her family… and she took the time to tweet & answer to the fans on Twitter! This is amazing, right!? I’ll write the best tweets here. LET’S GO!


Q: “Hey your in England? What are you filming?”

Lauren: Just have a week’s break, seeing fam. (so deserved, I’d say)

Q: “What episode are you guys filming currently? (When you get back)”

Lauren: We’ll be on 14 of 16. (wow!)

Q: “M25 is always bad”

Lauren: Yesterday comically bad.

Q: “They’re protected under order of the Queen!”

Lauren: That’s what the swan kept saying. (ahahahah)

Q: “Is the Birmingham, England con cancelled?”

Lauren: Yes. I know, shame!:( (yeah…shame!)

Q: “Who would you choose to revive?”

Lauren: Dale, what an amazing man & actor Jeff DeMunn is. And Emma Bell. & John Bernthal. People I love.

Q: “What’s your favorite episode so far?”

Lauren: This season, episode 1 for the action, hard choose 4 the character drama, lots of faves.

Q: “Are you at NY Comic Con this weekend”

Lauren: No the guys and the newbies are there tho! Danai and David.

Q: “Will Maggie evolve from a country girl in a bad-ass now?”

Lauren: Yihaa.

Q: “What’s your favorite part about playing Maggie?”

Lauren: She doesnt tell you everything she’s thinking.

THE POTATO QUESTION. “Young Alexander the Great” Reunion!

ahahahahahh I love them!

She’s so jet lagged.  Few hours ago she tweeted “I just invented a sandwich named jet lag”

Q: “Or did the sandwich invent you?”

Lauren: That’s what he said.

Q: Ingredients??

Lauren: Swiss cheese, lime, chili pickle, salami. #likeisaidnameditjetlag

 Q: “Does it taste good?”

Lauren: Senflippinsational.

Q: “What is your opinion on butts? Do you like them? If so, what kind?”

Lauren: Yes I think we should all have one. (ahahaah)

Q: Favorite weapon to kill a zombie?????”

Lauren: A giant cookie. (puhahahah)

Q: “Winter or Summer?”

Lauren: Summer. Winter if lot of snow.

Q: What would you do if you wake up one morning and find a zombie bending over you?

Lauren: Hit him with stick.


Ahahahahh, she so hilarious… thank you so much to you all, for your questions and your love! 4 hours ago she was going to sleep.

I know… this time she will be back very soon!!!

Proud FAN.


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