[TWD NEWS/SPOILER CHAT] Scoop on Walking Dead by E!Online.

Thank you so much E! Online for choosing Lauren Cohan!!!

They write: TV fans, we know what you’ve been missing: braaains! More specifically, zombies chasing after human brains on The Walking Dead.

The third season of the AMC hit premieres this Sunday, so we wanted to celebrate with some scoop from one of the stars. 


Tate: The Walking Dead comes back this Sunday, so what’s coming at my face?
Zombie blood, that’s what! Seriously. Lots of death and gore in the season premiere. Want more specific scoop? Lauren Cohan is here to help! “[Settling into the prison] is not as easy as it seems. They have to hack their way into the prison.” And don’t think Maggie will sit on the sidelines during the bloodbath. “She’s the same girl, but she steps up and takes action that she needs to take,” Cohan previews. “She’s definitely in there with the guys.”

Will in Los Angeles: In the Walking Dead comic books Glenn and Maggie have a baby. Will that happen this season?
Spoiler alert! Geez, way to ruin things for us. Just kidding. We asked Cohan the very same question, actually. “We’re not going to get that far along just yet, but we are going to see a really strong Maggie and Glenn,” she says. Maybe season five?


(Pic by walkergifs)


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