[NEW PHOTO] Lauren Cohan & Emily Kinney @ “Songs Of The Architect” Studio.

Songsofthearchitect.com shared this wonderful picture on their blog writing: “In the Studio: September 28, 2012 (Braaaaaaaainnns Edition). If you don’t know by now, Atlanta is the zombie capital of the world. We here at the home office welcomed two of the stars from AMC’s The Walking Dead: The wonderful Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohan. We can’t tell you what they did or why they were here — you’re gonna have to wait until the new season hits for that — but let’s just say we are sure impressed, and that if we had to pick, we would ride out the apocalypse with these two wonderful women.”

Well, we totally know what they did and why they were there…

Can’t wait… I’m fraking out! I’ll listen that song forever!

By the way… look at her amazing red dress!

News are in the air… everyday. New pics, new videos. I will have a big news for the Fanclub and a lot of unpublished pics!!! Are you excited?! Are you ready!? Stay always tuned. Don’t forget. FB is updated in real time!!!



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