[FUNNY TRIVIA] Steven Yeun Q&A on Reddit.com “Is Maggie that hot in person? – YES!”

Well, this article is about Lauren according to Steven Yeun’s words and for all the Gleggie’s fans. Ahaahah… Steven Yeun was on reddit.com doing a Q&A with the fans. Look at these answers!!! Lauren is so right, Steven is hilarious!!!

Is Maggie that hot in person?

Steven: YES.

FAN: Your relationship with Maggie gives me hope that I, as Asian male, can also land a white princess!

– Does Lauren Cohen smell wonderful?

Steven: She smells like essence of lavandar and chamomile mixed with a bit of swedish fish.

– How do YOU smell?

Steven: I smell like bear taint and reese’s puffs.


– Why didnt you put your stuff in Maggie’s room? Are all Asians that socially awkward? 

Steven: I think what people missed in that and it could have been my fault, is that Glenn was going through a bunch of things. 1) He had just lost Dale. A person who he looked up to and he spent a lot of time with and he loved. 2) He realizes that it is time to grow up. That is why Hershel has given him his blessing. Part of growing up is also knowing respect and I think Glenn wanted to respect Hershel. 3) Asians are not socially awkward. The ones you’ve been talking to might be quiet, but I can assure you, we are loud and outgoing as shit.



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