[SHORT FILM] Lauren Cohan in “The Quiet Assassin” as Alessia, 2006.


“The Quiet Assassin”, one of the first experience of Lauren as an actress w/ “Casanova” and “Alexander the Great from Macedonia” (never realized).  It’s a 2006 short film directed by Alex Hardcastle. It was impossible to find before today.  I’ve watched it and I’ve made a video in which you can see the scenes with Lauren. The STREAMING link is at the end of this article. Just an advice, the film is a little bit depressing and distressing, ensure yourself to be an adult, not suggestible and happy if you want to watch it. Who knows… we are not all the same! Lauren in this short had a really small part but she was wonderful as usual. She doesn’t speak a lot, she has just a sentence or better, a question. She just says “Where are you going?” but her silences are never silent, she says with her eyes. You know… ENJOY!!!

All the screencaps here: Lauren in “The Quiet Assassin” as Alessia (2006)

STREAMING ONLINE: “The Quiet Assassin”

(Thanks Ana, webmiss ofhollidaygraingerfan.com)


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