[FAN’S STORIES] “Meeting Lauren Cohan @ TWD Red Carpet Premiere” by Elena.

Elena: “I’ll tell you exactly what happened. All the actors arrived around the same time. I’m only familiar with her work in Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and now The Walking Dead. Anyway, she went down the line of people who were there waiting and signed, when she came to me I said “Hi Lauren!” and she smiled said Hi! and asked how I was doing. I told her I was doing great (obviously! haha) and asked her to sign my Daryl action figure (it was the only thing I took to get signed) as she was signing I asked her if I could please take a picture with her. She said of course and then I had my husband take the picture for me. After that I just thanked her and she continued on to the other people who were still waiting. She is so much more beautiful in person and you could tell she truly wanted to sign for as many people as she could.”

Thank you so much Elena for sharing this wonderful experience with us and thank you for the Exclusive!!! I’m so happy for you, Lauren never disappoints a Fan. Your beautiful photo will be a wonderful memory forever.  Well done girl, give me a high five!!!
(Do you want to share your experience too?!  laurencohanFC@gmail.com)

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