[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Lauren Cohan on “Artist On Demand” with TWD SPOILERS and BIG NEWS.

Ok this is the 2nd SURPRISE!! I’ve made a video for you all. This is the interview by Artist On Demand I was talking about few hours ago. Wonderful interview, I’d say. Thank you so much Cachie for this funny, super interesting and lovely interview.

In this interview Lauren talks about the 3rd Season of TWD, the new locations, the new characters, Gleggie and she leaves a message for all of us, FANS. I’ve a huge smile on my face right now just thinking about it, the first time I was crying. I’m so proud to be one of her fans, so proud to do what I do everyday with this Fanclub.


Be careful to the SPOILERS and listen to the best scoop, which scoop?! LAUREN WILL BE BACK IN THE VAMPIRE DIARIES for the 4th Season but I’ve already said that before!!! So unbelievable…

ENJOY! You will love it…

©Artist On Demand 
© Photo by Lazy Sunday Magazine


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