[TWITTER] Lauren Cohan, Emily Kinney and Steven Yeun on Twitter yesterday night.

Yesterday Lauren was on Twitter: Lauren on Twitter: “17 days and counting […]“

After that Emily Kinney wrote: “Spent the day recording in Atlanta with Lauren Cohan! So fun…brand new Walking Dead tune coming to you soon!” retweeted by Lauren herself!  So… they’ve really recorded a Walking Dead tune, WOW!!!! I’m so happy and excited… can’t wait to finally listen to her voice, and you!?

Lauren replied to Emily: “So much fun Em! Xoxo”

Then Lauren shared this pic. Ahahahahh, Star Wars & Walking Dead mashup, looks good! Right!?

Lauren retweeted also this funny rap about Chicago shared by Steven Yeun.

Now I’m thinking about her singing this song like a boss! So happy that se was finally on Twitter. I hope to see her again very soon… otherwise… we have just to wait Oct 1st for her interview & photshoot on Lazy Sunday Magazine or Oct 4th for the Season 3 TWD Premiere in LA. Good times are coming, STAY TUNED!!!

(OUR FACEBOOK PAGE is updated in real time )


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