[BAD NEWS] Walking Dead European Convention “Die Zombie Die” has been cancelled.

OH NO!!! It’s happened… can’t believe it!!! That was my only chance to meet Lauren Cohan, I’m devastated! That’s what they’ve written:

“We regret to announce that our Walking Dead Convention Die Zombie Die has been cancelled. For the past 8 months tickets have been on sale and as of today we have still only sold 47 tickets, obviously with such a low amount of tickets sold we have no choice but to cancel the convention as it would not be possible to run the event. We have tried something different but for whatever reason it has not come off. In comparison the recently announced Teen Wolf convention has already sold over 150 tickets in less than a week. All those who booked and paid for DZD tickets have now been emailed for refund details, if you havent recieved an email please email contact@rogueevent.co.uk with your RC order number and details on how and when you paid.”

Teen Wolf, uh?! Wow. I’m really speechless, I thought TWD had a lot of fans in Europe, I was wrong! The moment in which I’ll meet Lauren now is really far away.


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