[BAD NEWS] Lauren will be unable to attend the “Monster-Mania Con” tomorrow.

Yeah. Lauren won’t be there. The Monster-Mania Con Staff has written on Facebook: “Due to filming Norman Reedus won’t be arriving until Saturday afternoon around 1PM. Norman will not be attending on Friday. Also because of the late filming on Friday Lauren Cohen’s agent has cancelled her appearance. I tried to bring Lauren in for Saturday and Sunday but her agent said she can’t do it.  Sorry to disappoint anyone.”

(Lauren COHEN… again ù_ù)

So…no break for the cast!!! Maybe the mid-season finale for Season 3 is wrapped but they’re still filming The Walking Dead. Sad and happy at the same time.

Lauren few hours ago has written on Twitter:

I was so excited to see her again, but… come on guys, she’s working!!!

So sorry for the fans there :C

Waiting for an other convention… I hope she won’t delete the next one and the european convention… just two days in advance this time, I’m pretty worried. Let’s hope she will be free for these days!!!



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