Lauren was on Twitter to chat with the fans, awesome answers. (25 Jul)

Yeah. I’m on vacation and yesterday Lauren has spent time with the fans on Twitter, crazy right!? But I’m so glad for who has received an answer from her. Here it’s a little chronicle of her Twitter Time! ENJOY! (Especially If you don’t have Twitter, don’t worry!)

First of all she shared this pic writing: “Real life midnight cowboy last night. Surreal”

Then… her lovely answers to the fans, THANK YOU SO MUCH to you all for the mentions!

“TWD looks pretty creepy to me. I was about to stop watching it when suddenly Lauren Cohan showed up!” – LAUREN: always glad to convert.

“Your me and my girlfriends favorite on walking dead. Stay alive this season!” – LAUREN: come hell or high-water xo.

“I can’t wait to see WD Season 3, but.. Please, don’t any Zombie bite you, can be?” – LAUREN: xoxo 


– “Greetings from Italy!” – LAUREN: ciao ciao. Xx

OH MY!!!

“I read a tree fell on set of TWD, I hope everyone’s okay!” – LAUREN: thank u for that! yes 3 people w/concussion but ok thank g:-))

WHAT THE HELL?! SO SAD… pretty worried :C  LOOK!

“Hi frm Ireland! Can’t wait for season 3, you better not die! :P” – LAUREN: Hi Ire, love Ireland vmuch &will fightfight thank u

“Hey, when are you coming brazil? People love you here! x” – LAUREN: not soonenough! Are u havin cons there,let know I come.


– “If Rose had 1 last day on earth.. what you think she would do?– LAUREN: swim in a river rapids eat mangoes skydive. not die!


“Shout out to a big fan of yours from the UK? #IneedaMaggie” – LAUREN: big love and hope you find her!

Then she retweeted a video-interview (on our Youtube Channel, the one by EW), tweeted by Laurie Holden. YEAH! And she shared this link telling that this was the cowboy guy in the first pic, LOL.

“More Maggie in the next season of TWD please… Thank you. That is all. #LoveMeSomeMaggie” – LAUREN: done.


Then she’s written a shoutout: “Season 3 new writer @SangKyuKim now on twitter, please say hi to him. we love him ep 4 his first. Xx” – Can’t wait to see the episode so…

“Hey Lauren, HELLO from Central Jersey!!!” – LAUREN: JERZZZZZZZZEEEE.


“Do you get on with Steven Yeun in real life?” – LAUREN: we are brother and sister no one knows.


“After a long day on set do you ever start to believe that there is actually a zombie apocalypse in the real world?– LAUREN: all the time.


And she’s gone with “K I’m signing off love u guys”

SHE’S AWESOME, UH!?!? Hope to see her soon on Twitter for an other TWITTER TIME session!!!


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