[NEW VIDEO-INTERVIEW] “Lauren Cohan Dishes On The Walking Dead Season 3” by Access Hollywood

Yeah guys… it’s like I opened the Pandora’s box, right?! Gooooodmorning… ahahah, we have an other wonderful interview of  Lauren by Access Hollywood.  I think that they’ve chosen the best location ever for the questions, look at the zombies… they’re so freaking good!

Lauren at the beginning with the “din din din”, it’s so Damon Salvatore (sorry, I’m digressing…). She talks about being at the San Diego Comic Con, her “machete” pic from the Season 3 (ahahah Breave Heart!), Gleggie and much more.  I’ve uploaded it on our Youtube Channel for you all but you can find it on the website too, accesshollywood.com.


Lauren [about Gleggie]: “I think Maggie and Glenn have definitely been looking for their kindred one and their kindred spirit and I think they both have this kind of pure, optimistic, hopeful thing, and when you find that in someone else, you’re not going to let it go, especially when there’s nine of you and four of them are your relatives. “

all the screencaps here -> Lauren at the “The Walking Dead” 100th Issue Black-Carpet Event



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