[NEW VIDEO-INTERVIEW] “A Few Minutes With Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun, Robert Kirkman and David Alpert” by thefutoncritic.com

The Futon Critic interviewed the TWD Cast at the SDCC. Lauren was in the group with Steven Yeun, Robert Kirkman and David Alpert. I won’t upload it on our Youtube Channel because the quality is not so good, especially the audio… but it’s very interesting and you have to watch it!!!


You will find 3 videos or better, 3 parts! ENJOY!

Talking about “Gleggie”,  Steven says that in the 2nd Season we have seen the social aspect of living in the apocalypse, we’ve seen what they went through… and now they’re still human. Lauren adds that we’re gonna see a lot of Glenn and Maggie and they will not just have sex, they will stand together no matter what. Steven adds that the relatioship will be solid and united and it’ll be the best part. Lauren concludes that it’s nice not to see conflicts, it’s romantic and she is a true romantic so she loved it!

Lauren at the end talks about what TWD has changed in her career. She answers (of course first lead role in a tv-show) that for the first time she really must shoot in the middle of nowhere, and she has tied a very close relationship with all members of the cast

It’s so funny at the end when they keep on call them because they have to end the interview!!!

Lauren wonderful, smart and funny as usual… LOVE IT!

Tina Charles


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