[NEW PICS & STORY] Today Lauren visited the Cryptozoic Comic Con Store.

Maybe you’ve seen Lauren on Twitter writing “Headed to Cryptozoic ! 411 Market Street to meet y’all” and then after hours… Such a great time @cryptozoic u guys are LOVELY. thanks L”

Cryptozoic.com has written an article about her, ENJOY!!!

“Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, stopped by before noon to greet all the early risers on Saturday morning of Comic Con. Lauren was very appreciative of the fans showing up and the chance to directly interact one-on-one with the fanbase. “It’s been great here at Cryptozoic to have a bit more time to talk to people. It’s really nice to see how much the show means to people,” said Cohan. Lauren also had a chance to see The Walking Dead licensed games and trading cards from Cryptozoic Entertainment. She saw all the character cards from the board game and mentioned Maggie’s special ability in the game would be helping people or using her knife.”


ALL THE PICS HERE -> Lauren at the Cryptozoic Comic Con Store (07/14)

Thank you so much Cryptozoic Entertainment!!!


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