Lauren appears during the Steve Yeun’s latest vlog, ENJOY!!!

Yeaaah ahahahh… this is so funny. A fan of  The Walking Dead, of course, asked to Steven to congratulate him and his fiancee for their engagement and… DONE!!! Steven 6 days ago has uploaded this video on his channel shouting CONGRATULATION!!!

What a better start?!?! Gleggie’s approval and enthusiasm, LOL!!! Glenn and Maggie are the metaphor of love that overcomes all obstacles and it can also arise where everything is collapsing, right!?

A fan on Tumblr said that she think they are together, that they’ve a relationship. Ok, Steven said “We’ve become closer and closer and closer… now we are best friends“… but what’s the point?! They can be BESTFRIENDS. They live together for months, isolated from the rest of the world to film TWD, they go together to all the convention as Gleggie. Maybe it’s true, who knows… but right now, I think it’s too early to say “They’re dating!”, we can’t formalize a love relationship.

-2 to the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!!! Wooooah!!!!

Little Note: Lauren is wonderful, right!??! *o*


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