[TWD Season 3] New Maggie’s Style.

Do you remember Maggie in the Season 2?  -> HER STYLE

Great & cool change in Season 3! Our new Maggie Greene looks so cool, kick-ass, strong and ready to kill zombies to save who she loves.  Can’t wait to see her metamorphosis…

In the meanwhile, I’ve made the new combination, hope you like it!!!


1. An “Only Basic” Singlet – Thin, adjustable straps and a wide v-neck front.

2. A brown Slim Fit Vest (above the singlet)  – Stretch jersey tank in a great fit; an essential layering piece.

3.  A Black Twill Jean.

4. Burberry Lace-Up Riding Boots (for example, they’re not the same).


A black Tactical Belt with:

A sleeping dog leather pancake style molded gun holster tan (gun always ready and included).

A black leather pocket – To contain ammo and knives.

A Bolo Machete with his holster – This machete is an excellent survival tool and the heavy blade provides extra slashing force.

A foulard – To cover any wounds.

So… what do you think about it!??!


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