[NEWS] Lauren Cohan may narrate “The Final Verse” by Michael Wayne.

Michael Wayne, the author of the book “The Final Verse” has written on authorsden.com: “Exciting talent currently in negotiation to perform “The Final Verse” audio. I am currently in negotiation with actress Lauren Cohan, who plays “Maggie Greene” on the television show “The Walking Dead”, to perform the audiobook version of “The Final Verse”. We have the studio on standby and are simply waiting for a break in Ms. Cohan’s schedule (they are currently filming season 3) to allow her enough time to come to Los Angeles for the performance. She is the perfect voice for Selene, the primary character, and for those of you that watch the show but have never heard her speak out of character…. surprise! She’s British. Here’s hoping all works out soon!!!”

Well guys, that’s amazing… Lauren’s voice is amazing. So excited about this project and I’m very glad that Michael Wayne has chosen Lauren for this task.

This is the plot of the book, who is Selene?! Selene Kinsey has just officially declared her husband missing. For her, It feels as though she has just declared him dead. Unwilling to give up on the undeniable bond of love they shared, she vows to search to the ends of the Earth and Time to find her beloved Desmond. Her body, exhausted and weak, is unrelenting. Her mind, clever and resolute, is crumbling. The longer he is gone, the lesser her chance of finding him. Time is hunting them both… then a strange proposition, accompanied by an even more unbelievable gift, sets in motion an unforgettable series of events culminating in the ultimate expression of true love.

It sounds like a wonderful story, what do you think!?


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