Lauren and her summer style!

We usually talk a lot about Lauren’s style. She’s so fashionable and her style is always amazing, I personally love it, it’s my style and I’m not alone in this, right!? Yesterday we’ve seen Lauren at the pool wearing her fantastic bikini. So I can talk about her summer style!

As you can see, she wears an high waist bikini. I’ve read that today, more designers are adding high waisted bikini bottoms to their swimwear collection because they’re becoming extremely fashionable and trendy. I’m agree, this bikini is simply perfect for Lauren. The 50’s high waist bikinis proves to be a sensation this summer. It is sexy, fun, comfortable and the bottoms offer moderate coverage. What do you think about it?!

If you want a similar bikini, I found a similar one on the forever21 website HERE

SUMMER IS COMING!!! Lauren is ready, and you!?


Posted on 3 June 2012, in About Lauren, Fashion. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Loretta Nguyen

    awesome bikini!

    Keep up the great work, love love love your blog, Loretta xx

  2. This style bikini is definitely becoming the trend this year, my girlfriend purchased one this year and she looks amazing in it( although i like the ” less material ones better lol ), she makes this style look great also.

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