[VIDEOS & PICS] Lauren in Memphis, road trip with her dad.

Next stop Memphis. Lauren made this video writing “One word. Courage.”

I’m agree… and her WOOOOH at the end… one word, WOOOOH!!!


Then she’s written: “Today at Elvis’ house. I just found out our birthday’s are a day apart!!!!”  She looks amazing in her peach long dress and she’s holding the audio guide in her hands… YESS, Elvis b-day is the 8th of Jan, Lauren’s b-day the 7th. Cool!!!

(click on the pic to zoom)

I know, I already said that but her smile for me is like a light in the dark.

She’s also taken a pic of Elvis’ living room writing “I loved it! His living room was my favourite” Yellow, white and blue. Wow, simply perfect. Totally agree, love it!

I’m so glad she’s sharing this experience with us. Very proud and happy.

Stay tuned!!! And Lauren… HAVE FUN!!!

NOTE: Lauren’s written on Twitter that she will start TWD rehearsals on Monday 30 and she will start filming the week after.


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