Stories & Quotes from the TWD’s Panel at C2E2, Lauren and Steven Yeun!

Jodi Jill of it is safe to say that it wasn’t just what Lauren Cohan dished on The Walking Dead that made the fans happy, instead it was what she did. The actress was fielding questions from the audience and was asked to give her best zombie walk impression. Getting out of her chair, she began to pace, zombie style, in front of the crowd to the delight of the hundreds watching. A chance to show off her skills, while still providing a moment for the fans, it was a fan favorite of the panel.

***** and their amazing recap: Yeun and Cohan were greeted enthusiastically by the crowd at the event, prompting both to talk about how the show’s success has changed their lives; when they walk down the street now, they’re recognized as Glenn and Maggie. Another reason Yeun and Cohan received such a warm welcome was because they play two of the most popular characters on the show. In a series with lots of annoying characters that you’d almost rather see get eaten, Glenn and Maggie offer a bit of hope in a world that could desperately use it. 

– Yeun and Cohan spoke about their characters’ relationship and what it means for the show:

Lauren: “I love the fact that there’s this incredibly human story, that’s incredibly simple in this horrible world that we’re living in.”

Steven: “It’s realistic, you know. I think people were upset, like “Glenn, what’s wrong with you? Why are you not going after this beautiful girl? She wants you.” It’s interesting to see someone balk at that when it’s clearly obvious, because, in that situation, there’s a lot of internal struggle that the zombie apocalypse gives to a person.”

– Yeun and Cohan also talked about the Walking Dead comic books and why they stopped reading them after a while:

Lauren: “I’ve read to about halfway through the prison, but I don’t want to go beyond that. I think Maggie’s character has changed. It’s too confusing. It’s nice to just invest in the script medium.”

Lauren: “It’s funny because Robert [Kirkman] was saying last night, as well, that he gets bored himself because he’s already done the stories with the comic, so he’s actually eager to create new fantastic deaths.”

Steven: “I think the show has kind of turned into its own thing. Definitely paying homage to the original material – but why wouldn’t people want two forms of entertainment? You don’t want people to see the exact [same thing], so I think to read ahead would be kind of a disservice to the show.”

– And speaking of the prison, the actors both couldn’t share any details of what the new location would entail because they haven’t “broken story” on the first half of Season 3. However, Yeun and Cohan did touch on how Rick’s transition into a more assertive and aggressive leader in the Walking Dead Season 2 Finale may impact the group moving forward.

Steven: “You see people really at a crossroads between what’s right and what’s wrong. You even saw Rick falter a little bit. Shane’s gone now, so there’s no other side of the coin. Now it’s up to people to make their own choices, and now it’s a Ricktatorship.”

Lauren: “I think [Rick killing Shane] had to happen. I think Shane wanted him to do it. I think he was egging him on to do it. They couldn’t both wear the crown so to speak.”

Steven: “It’s someone not being predictable. With Rick, I think you could always kind of see what he was going to do and the choices he was going to make, but now you don’t know because he went a little bit, slightly bonkers.”

Lauren: “Ever since the bar scene, when he killed those two guys, I think it’s very interesting to see the divide in his character.”

Steven: “It’s like he’s grown a third ball. He’s got an extra ball to facilitate what’s going on.”

***** about the panel: Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan hit the stage in the IGN Theater to talk about the show and the romantic relationship of “Glaggie”. Overall, the two were both absolutely adorable and very articulate. Cohan talked about killing Shane as something that “had to happen” and condoned Rick’s decision. She also addressed a question about why Tyrese, Rick’s BFF in the comics, hasn’t arrived yet. She explained that keeping Shane alive for season two kind of fulfilled Tyrese’s role for a while, and that she hasn’t heard anything about casting him or having his character appear in the show. I know. Sad face. 

When asked about Glenn’s relationship with Maggie, he jokingly referred to their relationship as “two people who love each other doing cool sh*t”. He also referenced that before there would be any sex scenes, he’d have to get to the gym, but he was reassured when Cohan revealed that he was absolutely a better kisser than her Supernatural co-star. Yeun was quite the jokester, even threatening to take season three back to the farm (to which the packed theater booed and jeered), but he did reference the gloomy nature of the show by saying “any of us can go”. I’ll leave you with this highpoint of the panel. Imagine Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun doing their best “zombie walks” across the stage. Who do you think did the best job? The answer: Lauren. Steven admitted that his just really looked like him “on a sad day”.


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