Lauren on Twitter, best tweets and answers! (Amy Shiels & Paul Telfer chat)

Super funny conversation between Lauren and her co-stars/friends in “Young Alexander of Macedonia” after they’ve watched the trailer (which is finally on Youtube after years and years).

(Lauren and Amy)

Lauren: Amy. Paul. Sam. I give you this. [link trailer]

Amy Shiels: Jaw. Is. On. The. Floor.I do NOT remember us all kissing so often..?! What the? But? But? But? Love you guys.

Lauren: Shiels. It happened.

Paul Telfer: Wow. That was just… wow. I forgot we actually made a movie. I just remember being a hostage in a mankini.

Lauren: Fire in Cairo.

Amy Shiels: Sometimes u make a film & 4get all about it.Threat of release is always there… 

Paul Telfer: and all that smooching? Ick! Just wrong!  I totally think we should get into a flame war with the Macedonian chap that left the you tube comment. I really wish I’d kept that costume – but it disintegrated upon contact with water.

Lauren: HA!

Amy Shiels: mine spontaneously combusted…

Paul Telfer: Are they really going to release it, though? Or is this just a crazy threat to cajole us into reshoots?

Amy Shiels: Oh there’s a release…

Lauren: Also, are they forgetting we ne’er actually finished MAKING the film?!

Paul Telfer: I’m worried Sam’s gone into hiding. (The actor who plays Alexander in the movie, he’s mentioned in every tweet they’ve written but he isn’t on Twitter for days)




Then Lauren has answered to some fans giving us some infos:

Lauren: [about her next things to do] Immediate future! Nap/good earth sweet and spicy tea/nap/tea. Repeat. This week…Bowling with Chris Hardwick. 

Lauren: [about watching TVD on Apr 19th with the fans] I will watch be watching but it will be delayed! But I’ll live tweet when I’m watching. 


 Lauren’s announcement:

 That’s freaking awesome!!! If you live in Atlanta and you know a dog shelter who needs help write a tweet to Lauren! She will help that dog shelter when she’ll be there.

OUR LOVELY LAUREN!!! HOW AMAZING SHE IS!?!? So… now we know that Lauren this week has a bowling date with Chris Hardwick and… that she will be on The Vampire Diaries on apr 19th!!! Tomorrow I’ll tell you about a TT idea!!! STAY TUNED!!!


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