[FANCLUB] Reached 1000 FOLLOWERS on Twitter! THANK YOU!

Hello hello Lauren’s addicted & amazing followers!!! 

BIG SURPRISE 4 me: 1000 followers on Twitter today!!!

When I started this amazing FANCLUB I couldn’t imagine how much satisfactions it would give me. There was nothing about Lauren Cohan. Fanclubs, websites, videos on Youtube. Nothing. Just Fanpop but it was confused, the fans couldn’t interact with each other and talk about Lauren. I said “That’s IMPOSSIBLE” so few months ago the coming of Lauren in “The Vampire Diaries” as the wonderful Rose (after her appearance in Supernatural she was just a guest star for an episode in a lot of tv-shows) I decided to pollute Youtube with a lot of videos about Lauren. “They’ve to see how much she’s amazing!” that’s what I thought. And then I’ve seen an amazing response! A lot of fans commented the videos, they’ve started to make videos, better than me, I’d say  (especially after her performance as Rose) and I was soooo happy! After that the road was uphill! I made the TWITTER fanclub, then… the FACEBOOK fanclub and BOOOM!!! Website, Youtube Channel, Email, Tumblr, Instagram. It was gradual but 1 follower, 3 followers… 200 followers… and now… 1000 followers!!! I repeat myself but it’s the truth, you’re my fuel!!!  You’ve commented my posts, said THANK YOU to me for this place in which we can share this passion for Lauren together… I’ve interviewed actors of The Walking Dead, Glen Mazzara… obtained the exclusive for pictures, stories. You’ve supported me, said amazing things, loved Lauren sending a lot of tweets to her, made a lot of wonderful videos on Youtube about Bela, Rose, Lauren’s tributes, Maggie…

… really THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I’m so proud of all this. So happy to be patient and determined like you all. Now we have a FANCLUB, Lauren on Twitter, Lauren verified on Twitter (BIG YEAH, I was fighting for years)…

a lot of videos, Lauren as a main character in one of the best show (maybe the best one) on TV, The Walking Dead. Lauren guest in a lot of conventions, comic cons… her answers on Twitter, pics everywhere… well, I stop myself. Just THANK YOU SO MUCH again LAUREN’S FANSFAMILY!!! Love you all… and STAY ALWAYS TUNED!!!


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