[TWITTER] Lauren in Long Beach (California), pics and tweets.

Yesterday Lauren was in Long Beach (A city situated in Los Angeles County in Southern California, on the Pacific coast of the United States), whale watching… and she has shared the day with all of us. I’m happy like an Easter bunny!!!

1st tweet:Dolphins already!! Only in the bay.”

2nd tweet: “U could hear a pin drop on this boat. Small gray whale surfaced for a sec, all looking for him now.”

3rd tweet: “Picture taking no work on rocky boats.”

4th tweet: “Whale! Ok, roll with me, quarter of the way from the top in the middle.”

(click on the pic to zoom, have you seen the whale!? Yay!!!)

And then… this lovely, supernice, adorable pic!!! *O*

(click on the pic to zoom)

5th tweet: “For da whales!”

(ahhah yo! yo! go Lauren go Lauren!)

6th tweet: What’s the story anyway, regular size beach to me. So long medium kinda normal size long beach.” (ahaha LOL)

7th tweet: “Ahemm. This beach is really long actually. And right on the water. Bonus.” (Oh.. ok! XD)

– 8th tweet: “National geographic just phoned, my animal photography was like nothing they had ever seen. my next segment ‘you just missed a leopard'” (puahahahahah)

Then… she’s answered to some fans. Somebody ask “Doing any other work or just Vacation?” and her answer was: “Definitely a little of both but this weekend absolutely only silly things!” Yep, She deserves a lot of silly things for a weekend!!! A fans asked “What are you most looking forward to doing in season 3?” and her answer was “Kickin zombie ass! And i’d love to find Maggie’s horse. So much coming in S3 I wish I could clue you guys about! Suffice 2 say it gets scary.”  Ahahahah, YEAH… Lauren knows exactly what she can say!!! XD

That’s all… it’s AWESOME right?!? Loved it, thank you so much Lauren for all this, we can be with you in person but in this way we can be there next to you with our love, with our support.


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