The websites are finally talking about Lauren’s return in TVD!!! says: “File this under How the Heck Did We Miss This?: Lauren Cohan is Vampire Diaries-bound once more. The Walking Dead actress/Supernatural alumna appears briefly in a promo for the CW saga’s next new episode (airing April 19), reprising her role as Rose, the likeable vamp who midway through Season 2 suffered a horrific werewolf-bite death. In the upcoming installment, titled “Heart of Darkness”, Damon and Elena head to Denver to check on Jeremy — and since they’re already there, why not have baby bro put to good use his “I See Dead Vampires” skills?” says: “When The Vampire Diaries returns on April 19, the show will bring along more than one returning character with it. One of those characters — a certain vampire who goes by the name of Rose — has been missing for a long time. How will she return in “Heart of Darkness”? “Heart of Darkness” finds Elena and Damon traveling to Colorado to meet up with Jeremy-in-exile. Why? Apparently they want to use Jeremy’s intermittent talking-to-the-dead talents to ask the vampire Rose who sired her. That way, the Salvatores will be able to figure out which Original needs to stay alive. Because it wouldn’t be any fun to just watch Jeremy talk to empty air, Rose herself (Lauren Cohan), does indeed make an appearance. “Heart of Darkness” marks the first return of Lauren Cohan to The Vampire Diaries since the season 2 episode in which she succumbed to a werewolf bite. The actress has more recently featured in another TV drama about supernatural-style monsters, The Walking Dead. Don’t miss Lauren Cohan’s appearance. 

Super excited… I wouldn’t miss her for anything in the world!


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