Lauren on Twitter, so Maggie!

A lot of  NEWS thanks the MCM Expo in Birmingham. Maybe I’ve to start talking about her account Twitter. Yesterday after the Comic Con in Birmingham she was fizzy!!! I think that I have to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the fans there… with their love and advices about visiting more oftern her account Twitter sharing news, pics… and answering to the fans. AWESOME!!!

So… what’s happen…

She shared two pictures during the Comic Con, two amazing pictures:

Lauren: “This morning with Chubacca”

(click on the pic to zoom)

Lauren: “You guys were AWESOME today. thanks for coming!”

(click on the pic to zoom)

And this fan has shared the same (more or less) pic on his account. Creepy ;D THANK YOU!

(click on the pic to zoom)

Then Lauren has written: “I would already have tickets to Vince’s Kidd’s Show if i could. The voice giving me goose bumps.”  FYI this is Vince Kidd, I’ve to say that I am agree with her. I hope she will go to his show!!!

 After that she’s written “I know i know…Lauren comes to Twitter hehe. Love u guys and – seriously – superstitious, what a talent! Oh My Jesus.” ahahah… thank you so much for that.  I don’t know If she was talking about my tweets about her return on Twitter or TVD, no illusions!

Then she’s answered to a lot of fans. The best answeres are:

Lauren: (about being on Twitter)  “Thank you! More from now I promise.” – YEAH!!!

Lauren: (about the 3rd Season of TWD)  “I can’t wait to see what our wicked writers have in store! – ME TOO!!!

Lauren: (about greeting the french fans)  “Bonjour mon petit Chou-fleurs!” – AWW!!!

Lauren: (about Rose’s return on TVD)  “There will be a small hello from Rose again” – YESS!YESS!

She’s shared a song, a TWD song writing “Still gets me every time.”

 A fan shared this pic wit her writing  how much he loves her style and she used this picture as a NEW profile pic writing “Just put that one up, thank u!” 

So… new BIO, new PIC, verified, 22852 followers and a promise, she will be more on Twitter from now. I just can say that I’m freaking happy. Love love love for our Lauren, I’m a proud fan.

TODAY 2nd DAY of Comic Con… can’t wait to read some tweets ;D


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