Lauren and Canvas Warriors at MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con.

Do you remember Canvas Warriors!??! They made a lot of amazing Converse about the characters, movies and tv-shows. They were at Insurgence (TVD Convention) the last year and yesterday at MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con!

(click on the pic to zoom)


In this picture you can see Lauren with CW artist Sandira signing their Walking Dead chucks.

They writes: “The ever so lovely Lauren Cohan (Maggie in TWD) signed our Zombie chucks – She is also wearing her unique Rose/Bela Charm Bracelet that we created for her!”

Yes, Sandira said to me: “Lauren recognised me (& the shoes) from Insurgence last year. We also created a unique Rose/Bela charm bracelet for her- which she put on immediately!”  Awww, so sweet!!!

(click on the pic to zoom – All Photo credit to STF Photo Agency) 

Super awesome… Rose/Bela charm bracelet for her… thank you so much Canvas Warriors!!!


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