Paper toys of Maggie/Lauren and the other characters of TWD by Joshua Wolf.

The artist Joshua Wolf made paper toys (paper dolls) of all the characters of The Walking Dead released on his Deviantart. Maggie is amazing eheh, it’s like you’ve a paper dolls of Lauren. I’ve edited her eyes, they were blue but our Maggie/Lauren has GREEN eyes, Maggie Greene, right?! You’ve just to click on the picture, save, print, cut and assemble your Maggie/Lauren.

I’ve an idea. If you want, you can make the paper doll of Maggie/Lauren and send the picture to our email laurencohanfc@gmail.comI will share all your photos. You can make a location in TWD Style, make Glenn too… can be really funny!!! Come on!!! I want to see your creativity!!!


Thank you to WalkingDeadBr, the best brazilian source (it’s my fav source too) about TWD. 


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