[NEW STILLS] The END of the 2nd Season of The Walking Dead!

Can’t believe it, the second season is over. 13 amazing episodes, 12 with Lauren. Epic, genius. If you’re FANS of the comics too, you’re excited for sure and sad at the same time. OMG we have to wait October now… 7 months!!!

By the way, NO SPOILERS on this episode, I just want to say that Lauren was perfect as usual and we’ve seen her in a lot of scenes tonight!!! Great performance, and I can say the same thing for all the members of this amazing  cast… WOW!!! Special THANK YOU to all the writers, you’re writing an awesome story!!!

A lot of TT for The Walking Dead tonight, after …WalkingDead! TT like Hershel, T-Dogg, Laurie Holden, Lori’s (not positive) and about new characters for the 3rd season like Michonne and The Governor . Maggie or Lauren Cohan are not TT for the world, but for  all of us. So wonderful.

NEW STILL about this episode.

(click on the pic to zoom)

Stay tuned tomorrow for everything about this episode!!!


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