Lauren’s religious bracelets!?! has just written an article about Lauren and her religious bracelets, they write:

Best known for her appearances in TV series such as “Supernatural” where she played the role of Bela Talbot, “the Vampire Diaries” as an ancient vampire named Rose, “Chuck” with the role of Vivian Volkoff, and currently cast as Maggie Greene in “the Walking Dead”. With all those popular TV shows, you can say that Lauren Cohan’s acting career is coming along great and she’s steadily establishing a name for herself in the chaotic world that is Tinseltown. And at times casual is how we can best describe American actress Lauren Cohan’s style and we can clearly see that in this photo of her taken at The Vampire Diaries convention how she is sporting the casual look with a yellow button down blouse with which she left most of the top buttons opened revealing a black tank top underneath and her shades hanging securely in between, and of course, attention grabbing without being obnoxious is the religious bracelets she has chosen to accessorize her outfit with. Not really surprised, surprised, but more of pleasantly surprised to see that she has also jumped the well populated band wagon of people wearing religious accessories. With its simple yet hip design, it’s hard to resist bottling the urge to declare to the world through this trendy religious bracelet your belief and faith in God. How about getting yours now for a cheaper price at and accessorize your favorite outfit with your very own religious bracelet?

Now… in the past she’s said I’m not religious, but the tradition, the culture and the history are very important to me and looking at her bracelet, it doesn’t seem a religious bracelet…but of course, no problem if it is religious or she has changed her idea.


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