[SCREENCAPS & VIDEO] Lauren on “Talking Dead” with Zachary Levi, ENJOY!

Ahahah, I’m laughing for hours and hours thinking with hearts eyes about Lauren on Talking Dead. Zachary and her were so cute together and Chris, perfect host like usual. Lauren yesterday night was WONDERFUL, naturally gorgeous, super nice, smart and funny and it was her first talk show ever!!! I’ve seen in her everything I love about her: her huge and beautiful smile, her funny and interesting tales, her being so smart and interested in the show in which she plays a role, her lovely gesticulation and all the adorable grimaces!!! Like I love to say… “simply Lauren Cohan”!

Carla is a fan of Lauren, she was in the audience yesterday night and she said to me: ” Lauren was beautiful and nervous. They said it was her 1st talk show ever! She looked great she was open and funny and joked around with the crowd during commercials. She kept asking what we were doing & making jokes. She was cute & playful.” Awww!!!

I’ve uploaded the video for all of you. And… yes, we have a NEW offcial channel on Youtube. This is the first video, what an amazing start.


And then you can find all the screencaptures in our NEW ALBUMS on Facebook!!!

 Lauren on “Talking Dead” pt. I (Feb 11th 2012)

Lauren on “Talking Dead” pt. II (Feb 11th 2012)

In few hours we will have the bonus segment of the show too… CAN’T WAIT, stay tuned!!!


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  1. Yeah she was awesome in the Talking Dead!!!
    Now we need a transcript please!!!! 🙂

    Oh and don’t miss the 15 mn bonus on the amc website here: http://www.amctv.com/shows/talking-dead/video

    ciao! ciao!

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