[TWITTER] Lauren on Twitter about “Talking Dead” pics by Zach & Chris

Ahahahah Talking Dead was epic yesterday night!!! Why!?!? Well, Lauren has the power to make everything epic, ok?!? Anyway. First of all thank you so much for all your tweets during all the day about Lauren. I’ve read a lot of love and I’m so glad for that. You rock!!! Then, thank you so much to Chris Hardwick and his amazing and hilarious talk show about The Walking Dead.

The first 2 pictures here on the left are by Zachary Levi who has written on Twitter “This is happening in 6 minutes. You’ve been warned.” Ahahahh Lauren!!!

And the picture with the trio is by Chris Hardwick on Instagram who has written “Talking Dead with Zachary Levi & Lauren Cohan!” . Lauren then has shared the same picture on her account writing “The next Three’s Company” . Ahahah amazing pictures. Finally somebody takes pictures with her and finally her first talk show ever.

You can’t imagine how much I’m happy… or maybe you can!

Wasn’t Lauren simply wonderful on Talking Dead?! I know I know your answer. Stay tuned for the video, the screencaptures and much more!!!


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