FANS’ Stories about the MegaCon 2012 with Lauren. [SPOILER INSIDE]

Two fans of Lauren at the MegaCon shared their experience. Enjoy!!!

Jessica:  She was REALLY sweet. My friends and I went up to her to invite her to go to Disney World with us and she told us she hasn’t been since she was 11 and really wanted to go. So she got one of our names down with our number and told us she will call us to let us know. My friend tweeted her saying how awesome it was to meet her and she said she couldn’t go with us but loved hanging out with us, which shows you just how sweet she is. 


Cody: She said that she still gets the chills when she hears “The Walking Dead” theme song, also for the fans that don’t already know, she HAS signed up for next season for at least 16 episodes. I didn’t stay up long, I was extremely nervous and I was weak in the knees for the whole day afterwards haha. She did take a photo with me and gave me a free autograph.

So amazing, thank you so much for your stories, Lauren is always the best ;D


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