Lauren Cohan and her TWITTER NIGHT!

That’s AWESOME!!! Lauren tonight was ON Twitter! Unfortunately I’m in the other side of the world but, I’m so happy about it!!!

She has said “Just got to Orlando, if you’re here come say hi tomorrow!” , “Watching Andy on Letterman!” (Andrew Lincoln yesterday was on Letterman  Show, Rick in The Walking Dead) and she’s answered to a lot of fans, uhm, ALL THE FANS!!!

I loved the chat with Steven Yeun by the way. OMG guys.. they’re so funny. Look!

ahahahahh!!! And then a guy written to her about his appendix removal (during the Insurgence Convention she’s said to have an appendix removal scar, do you remember?!) and she’s answered “argh! U poor pet. It’s laughing that hurts. Don’t laugh. Don’t do it. Just don’t. Relax and don’t laugh. At all.” … well, good advice!!! She is so nice and funny guys… even on Twitter. What can I say… I just love her so much, I can’t do otherwise.

We have also an information thanks Diego! Lauren she’s the home in London and in USA, maybe LA. Like I thought months ago.

At the end… “Night cats. X” 

Thank you so much for all your tweets guys!!!

So can’t wait… TODAY MEGACON!!!! STAY TUNED!!!


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