Lauren Cohan on “The Walking Dead Podcast” (interview transcript in english)

As you all fans knows 2 months ago I’ve made on Youtube 2 videos with an audio interview of Lauren Cohan by The Walking Dead ‘Cast .  Probably somebody can’t understand very well the english or didn’t understand something, so, in this post I’ll write all the transcription in ENGLISH, in the next post I’ll write this post translated in ITALIAN. The Walking Dead  is coming back so I think it’s cool to re-listen or better read!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Stacy aka MrsAndrew Lincoln aka SuperDottiie for helping me in this translation. You’re so essential! And thank you of course to Jason and Grace for this podcast!!!

You’ll see the videos, the  description of the podcast and then all the transcription. ENJOY!!!  

(LAUREN -> min. 4:10)

©The Walking Dead ‘Cast By Jason & Karen on iTunes

Description of the Podcast:

“First time co-host Gracie Lou joins me to interview the talented Lauren Cohan, a.k.a. Maggie Greene. Lauren talks about why Maggie has been so hot and cold with Glenn, what she likes most about doing The Walking Dead, what it takes for a zombie to scare her, and a lot more. And best of all she gave us a particularly unique, rather animalistic zombie sound. Rather pterodactyl-like, I’d say.  Note: We talked with Lauren about upcoming story lines in the comic a bit, and so there are one or two potential spoilers. They’re just small ones, but if you’re completely spoiler-averse, you may want to skip this one (but then again as we’ve seen thus far, just because something happens in the comic doesn’t mean it will happen on the show).”

Transcription of the Podcast:

Jason: Ok we’re back and we have Lauren Cohan. Thanks so much for doing this Lauren we really appreciate it.

Lauren: Yeah, of course. 

Jason: And I usually have my co-host Karen on but she’s off in the Caribbean with her husband for a vacation. So I brought on one of our listener’s Grace, who is a big fan of the show and she’s actually met you.

Lauren: Oh, nice! When did we meet?

Grace: I had the opportunity to go watch filming down in Old Sharpsburg when you and Steven were filming that first pharmacy run.

Lauren: Oh, yeah…

Grace: Yeah. So down in the little town when you guys were on horseback and what not. 

Lauren: In the little town where we had Steve’s pharmacy.

Jason: Grace, you mentioned that when you hung out, you know on the set…you heard Lauren talking… thinking that maybe she had an american accent. Is that what you said?

Grace: Lauren you were just talking in an american accent and I had never heard you on an interview or anything. So when I heard you a few weeks later it was like on a Comic Con video, or something panel and you know… you came out with this British accent and I was like floored! Because when I met you I had no clue that that wasn’t your real accent. Is it difficult to keep Maggie’s like, twangy little accent consistent?

Lauren: Um it is, in a way actually because when I started I thought she was a lot more southern. And it ended up, working out, that we softened the accent. But the only way to stay in it… when we were filming was to be in it all the time. So much easier. And I know, most people don’t know I have an english accent its kind of funny!

Jason: Does that do something to your mindset to be switching in and out of accents all the time?

Lauren: It does and it’s really funny because I don’t speak to my english family as much when I’m working just because…it’s a bit distracting…

Grace: You fall back into it?

Lauren: I think I had two phone calls with my mum while I was in the accent just for the amusement. Actually my godmother just told me that, because when I was a kid I lived in Georgia for a minute…that was when I first started to speak. And my godmother told me that some of my first words were in a really strong southern accent which I didn’t even remember. And she had bought me a dress when I was about four apparently and I was like “Yeah, put it on me! Put it on me!” (southern accent). So…

Grace: Oh that’s funny! Does it help having Andrew Lincoln on the set to talk about the accent and what not?

Lauren: Yeah, big time! And Andy stays in the accent all the time. I mean he comes to work…and on any work day he’s in the accent 100% of the time. So that was really inspiring and helpful and we have the same dialect coach actually so… we do little skype sessions all the time.

Jason: Grace and I are both big fans of the comic and so, you know I’ve been waiting to see what Maggie was going to be like since day one. And it’s been so long in the comics since Maggie has been around, that it feels like she’s been around since the beginning. She’s like one of the main cast members to me. So now that you’re there do you feel like, you know, that you’re rooted in the group like everybody else?

Lauren: Yeah I definitely do now coming to the end of this season and then… yeah you really do feel like part of a family and we’re so isolated out there that it really encourages our group dynamic. I don’t know if it would be the same show if we weren’t shooting in the middle of nowhere. I don’t think it would.

Jason: When you look at the scripts are you ever afraid that you’re suddenly going to read your death scene?

Lauren: Uhh, not in this season cause I just started but that is the thing about a zombie show I mean its like you never know. And good people die all the time because… that’s the nature of The Walking Dead. Hence the name. I guess it’s maybe one of the first times I feel well, that’s a drama that somebody dies then that’s worth it but of course I don’t want to go.

Jason: Have you read it? Have you read the comic much?

Lauren: I read up to the end of them. Near the end of them in the prison, but I haven’t read past that because it does start getting confusing. And I don’t want to spoil it too much for myself. But yeah, I read up to where Maggie hangs herself and Glenn saves her. Yeah it’s good stuff man.

Jason: It gets really dark, especially for Maggie later on. 

Lauren: Um umm

Jason: You just mentioned she hangs herself. Do you um… let that inform your performance?

Lauren: I’m trying not to now because the Maggie that she is now isn’t I think, as jaded as she becomes later in the comic. But Steven and I have definitely read some of the comics and been like “Oh! I hope we get to do that!” And like… “Oh good, it would just be such good drama”. So its nice as a guideline but like I said… so much more is affecting it. So many more factors. Just being there in the relationships that I find with my character and my dad and… the interplay with everybody else. The comic is definitely a really great starting point but I have to let it… I have to let it kind of be this new thing that I find too. It’s more exciting, for everybody I think.

Jason: Um hmm… Yeah. Its more exciting for us too. I like to see how it differs so that… you know, we don’t just know everything that’s gonna happen anyway.

Lauren: Yeah! And you never knew like this… the relationship how Glenn and Maggie actually started was… was much faster in the books than it is in this. And that’s been so much of the great story that Steven and I have gotten to share this year. And that all kind of… That has been elaborated. Yeah, definitely been fun!

Grace: And I have to say I prefer how you guys got together on the TV show to the comics! 

Lauren: (Laughing)

Grace: It was so, you know, tender and awkward and…

Jason: Similar but different.

Grace: Yeah.

Lauren: It was different did you say?

Jason: Yeah well, you know, I mean it was forward but it, not quite as forward.

Lauren: No, I thought it was actually a lot more vulnerable the way we did it in the show.

Grace: Yes.

Lauren: I just watched that stuff back. It’s hard to watch it right away. I got to watch it back once I had a bit of distance from the show. I think that they have the coolest relationship the way this has begun.

Jason: Totally…

Lauren: I mean you haven’t really seen that done before, any of this so… that was exciting.

Jason: That scene was good. It felt very, like you say, vulnerable. And scenes like… I don’t know if this is right but you can feel Steven’s improv experience coming into it a little bit. It was very funny. You guys were both really funny.

Grace: Yeah it was.

Lauren: Yeah I know. He’s so funny. I love the scene where he talks to Dale about that he slept with Maggie and he kind of has this like “Well wouldn’t you?!” 

Jason: Swagger, yeah.

Lauren: But he’s sooo funny! Steven is such a funny man. It’s like…

Grace: I can imagine.

Lauren: Yeah. We’re trying to get more funny stuff on the show. (Laughing)

Jason: Yeah, and you guys are a much needed element of lightness in like the oppressive zombie apocalype, so I’m really glad that… that you came on.

Grace: And hope as well, I think.

Lauren: Yeah hope, exactly! At the end of the day we’re still people. We are living in entire new situations but we’re still people and you still try to make the best of the situation. 

Grace: That’s something I always liked about Glenn’s character too is that even if he’s in a really bad situation he does find the little joys around… you know. You know that’s something that he brings to the relationship too.

Jason: And Maggie too.

Lauren: Yeah… and he has no idea where his. I mean even if like, it kind of gets crossed over. Not crossed over we haven’t really got to it yet that his whole family… you know, we never really know how he’s coping. 

 Jason: Right…

Lauren: And doesn’t really have any idea where they are and… it will be a nice reveal when it happens.

Jason: When you first came on to the show did you audion with Glenn, or with Steven Yeun so you could figure out if you guys had chemistry?

Lauren: Well we were going to but I was in Ireland at a wedding. And I sent a tape over and then they said ‘Ok, they really like you and they want to bring you for a chemistry read’. Then over the weekend they decided not to do the chemistry read and just sort of bring me over for it. So it was like very… It’s amazing how people just know, I guess…

Grace: Yeah, yeah...

Lauren: They may have known Steven well enough but, it was exciting. It was like I was waiting to find out if I was coming to the chemistry read and then at the last minute they were like “Nope. Can you just come for the job tomorrow… tonight” (Laughing) So within the matter of three hours I packed my suitcase and I came. It was cool.

Grace: Wow. That’s exciting!

Lauren: Yeah exactly! But I came with a suitcase with a cocktail dress and two jumpers in it. Like I didn’t even have my clothes! (Lots of laughing)

Jason: There’s been some really good scenes between you and Scott recently. And it looks like you guys have a really, you play off of each other. You know, you really bring out the emotion. Is that right?

Lauren: Yeah… Scott is a legend. An absolute legend. Like, he is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met in my time in this so far. Yeah, I mean, how lucky are we to have this guy?

Jason: Yeah, he’s so good.

Grace: Yeah he’s great.

Lauren: Yeah. He is like a dad. He is like really lovely with Emily as well.

Jason: I know you’ve done some other series work and stuff. Does it feel a lot different or is it similar?

Lauren: Yeah, it’s a lot different. This is my favorite thing so far. Like, literally she’s a dream. Well for me, I love Maggie so much. I love how straight forward she is and just fun. So yeah for a lot of things. And also just this group. It’s a really good group. It’s a really good creative process. Yeah, everything else felt fun. But this has just been like, life changing.

Jason: Have you had anybody come up to you since you guys have wrapped filming?

Lauren: Yeah, its been really funny actually. In Georgia, people are amazing because they already know the show is there. So they kind of feel more like family then they’re fans there for some reason. And they’re on horses like “make sure you come to my ranch the next time!” But everywhere else is like, I was doing Karaoke in a bar in LA the other day. And you forget that a lot of people watch The Walking Dead. And so you might just want to be an idiot, and you can’t really be an idiot anymore.

Jason: umm hmm… you’re getting famous!

Lauren: Yeah so that was funny, but its so cool. I mean The Walking Dead just attracts such a cool fanbase. But its like, people always have nice things to say. So its fun. It’s kind of fun to get recognized. Steven got TMZ’d for his first time.

Jason: What did they do?

Lauren: Oh he was in the grove and they found him and they asked him… something about zombie sex life. I don’t know, very random.

Jason: Nice!

Lauren: I know…

Jason: So over the season, I want to touch on that Maggie has been kind of hot and cold with Glenn. You know, she rudely broke an egg over his head. And I think I have a pretty good idea of whats going on with that but I wanna hear your take.

Lauren: I think Maggie is just resisting getting involved. But the egg thing man… That was very well deserved. I watched that scene.

Grace: (Laughing)

Lauren: Yeah I mean, come on dude.

Jason: To me it seems like Glenn, I mean he’s an interesting character because he’s such a brave and even wise person a lot of the time. But also he’s really dumb and immature a lot of the times. And he said some really stupid things to Maggie. And so when he says something like that like you know “I have 11 condoms left” or whatever…

Lauren: (Laughing) I know!

Jason: What’s going through your head at that point?

Lauren: I love it. He’s just like… Its like he had an older brother, and he would have checked with the older brother if he should say that. And now he doesn’t. And he screwed that one up.

Grace: (Laughing) So he’s totally at a loss.

Lauren: Yeah and he can’t like go to Amazon and get some kind of like guys book and like, I don’t know! It really just feels like he’s unteathered and trying to, I don’t know find his way through these waters of romance. It’s funny. And underneath it doesn’t matter, he doesn’t need to try so hard because he’s so… You know, Maggie likes him anyway. But that’s just natural.

Grace: Why does she like him? What does she see in him?

Jason: Or like when he does that do you, as Maggie think ‘oh maybe this guy is not right for me’?

Lauren: I think she’s embarressed for him when he says that he say 11 condoms.

Jason: Yes! That look on your face was really good. When you’re walking away after you said that. Awesome.

Lauren: (Laughing) That was so fun to shoot too because he was just like, I can’t remember if that made it in but he like literally like… I left and he turned around and he smacks himself across the face and does this whole thing. It was really funny. But yeah I think she just likes him and she knows he’s an idiot. And I think Maggie maybe hasn’t been in love that much either but, you know, they both have this interesting sort of, they’re wise and courageous but really young. And I think a lot of their courage comes from just that young spirit and stuff. And that’s when its you know, going down a well or just taking a chance. And… having sex in a pharmacy whatever it is, you know.

 Grace: (Laughing) 

Jason: And yeah right now she’s kind of unspoiled because she hasn’t really seen a lot of the zombie action like you said she’s not jaded yet.

Lauren: Yeah, exactly. And she’s just kind of, you know its that like ignorance, not necessarily of youth. But its kind of the whole blind confidence. Jump off the cliff and then see…

Jason: Yep.

Lauren: …be concerned when you land.

Jason: One thing that I think is kind of interesting about The Walking Dead in particular is it is a zombie show so there is this element of like, fun. You kind of have this thrill of the kill and it can make things seem like death is… you get a pass on being kind of cavalier about it. Which is fun, but for The Walking Dead its also rooted in character and there is all these deeper themes and its kind of serious and dramatic. And those two together… Ok for example some people get really cavalier about the characters that they don’t necessarily like. Like they’re all “Oh Carol, she’s so whiney she should just die”

Lauren: Ohh…

Jason: Because they’re watching a horror thing. But then the other people who get into the drama of it and the characterization are like “No, she’s a viable character” So people come at it from two different angles. They are either like, horror fans who like the thrill of the gore or they are drama fans. Does that resonate with you at all I guess is what I’m asking.

Lauren: Oh I see what you’re saying yeah! I find it interesting because there are those counts of people that get upset when there aren’t enough deaths and enough zombies and stuff.

Jason: Yes.

Lauren: yeah, yeah, yeah I see what you mean. And that’s I think part of the charm of the show is that it appeals to so many people because on a dramatic character level its really flipping interesting. Like what do this variety of people do in this situation and I think people feel surreal. Its like… Carol especially I just absolutely love Melissa’s character. I think she’s just an amazing actress.

Jason: Yeah.

Lauren: And so yeah Im not really sure what to say to that except if you always give people what they want they’ll be dissapointed anyway. So you have to just keep switching it up.

Jason: Totally…

Lauren: But I mean, we are definitely trying to just make this interesting and delve into peoples lives and um, I don’t know the story that Norman and Melissa have… Not Norman and Melissa but Daryl and Carole. Daryl and Carol how cute is that by the way? Um, that gets… yeah it gets interesting.

Jason: Little teaser. So far what’s been your favourite moment of being on the show?

Lauren: I like the episode previous to this that Steven and I have where I tell him to man up. I loved shooting that episode for us that was really fun. Oh God, so many.

Grace: So the first time you called him walker bait?

Lauren: Yeah, exactly! Yeah… its all been so good.

Jason: Cool. So are you looking forward to her getting out and seeing how bad it really is?

Lauren: Oh for getting out on the road and seeing how it is out there with the zombies?

Jason: yeah, uh huh.

Lauren: Um, yeah definitley I’m looking forward to some gore. Im looking forward to – I know that’s kind of twisted but I really wanna kill some zombies and get involved with that action side of it.

Jason: Yeah!

Lauren: It’s been such a gift just being on the farm and getting to really develop. I mean getting to see more of all the characters that we saw in season one, not just to develop my character in kind of this like moment of calm. But yeah I definitely want to kick some ass!

Jason: Of course, you’re in a zombie thing.

Lauren: Yeah and I miss my horse!

Jason: Because you only got to ride it, like in the first episode right? Or you’ve ridden it a couple of times.

Grace: A couple time, yeah. Couple times. Did you have any experience working with horses or riding previous to the walking dead?

Lauren: Um, a bit of experience. I did some for Chuck. And then I had done horse riding lessons but um, this was kind of the most real one.

Jason: When you see zombies like that, when you see the zombies on the show, are you able to really get in the moment and feel that fear?

Lauren: Yeah especially when they have contacts in.

Jason: Oh yeah!

Grace: Those are freaky.

Lauren: Yeah, its good! I mean, the thing about our zombies is that like, they work really hard to be terrifying. And you only really have to look at them to feel that. But um, the best part of the zombies is that in the off time… And there’s a lot of zombies on the show that repeat so you would necessarily know. And on the off time everybody is like standing there with coffee and cigarettes like “Hi! How’s it going?” So you have to sort of not spend too much time with relaxed zombies otherwise you get less scared.

Jason: Do you ever want to be a zombie on the show?

Lauren: Nooo way!

Jason: Cause that would mean something!

Lauren: I do if it didn’t have the connotations that is does.

Jason: Right, right, right.

Lauren: If there was a way of being alive and still being a zombie then yeah!

Jason: This is good because the one rule that we have on the show is that everybody makes a zombie sound. Here is Steven’s: (Steven’s zombie sound). He said that’s how he sounds when he wakes up in the morning.

Lauren: Yeah that is actually what Steven sounds like in the trailer um, when we’re in make-up. Um, ok zombie sounds.

Jason: Gruesome.

(Lauren’s zombie noise)

Jason: That was kind of a nails on a chalkboard. Good job.

Grace: (Laughing) You’re too funny!

Jason: Just a couple more. So um, were you upset to see Maggie’s death in the most recent episode of the comic?

(Moment of silence)

Jason: I’m just kidding!!!!

Lauren: I was like “WHAT!?!”

Jason: (Laughing)

Grace: Jason is evil.

Jason: Utter silence.

Lauren: I was like “The line must have gone bad again I think I heard him wrong.”

Jason: (Laughing) Ok that’s all we got for you! Thanks so much Lauren!

Lauren: She’ll go out in such great style if she goes.

Jason: Yeah. Guns blazing.

Grace: Hopefully no time soon.

Lauren: No time soon… Knock on wood!

Grace: Yep

Jason: Yep. Ok thanks a lot Lauren.

Grace: Thanks Lauren!

Lauren: Yeah thanks guys!

Jason: Take care. Good luck. We’ll be watching.

Grace: Bye!

Lauren: Ok cool, bye!

THE END!!! Well… I’m in love with this interview, Lauren is always the best.

What do you think!?


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  1. Nice transcript. I totally never said ‘wtf’, though. Must have just been my goofy laugh. Ahaha!

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