The Walking Dead’s showrunner Glen Mazzara about Lauren Cohan

The showrunner/Executive Producer of The Walking Dead Glen Mazzara (If you don’t know why, Glen Mazzara replaced Frank Darabont as Walking Dead showrunner) has given us the honor of sharing some mysterious informations about Maggie Greene and amazing words about our Lauren Cohan. Yes! Read more to know what he can tell about Lauren and her Maggie.

Glen Mazzara has been very nice with our fanclub. Aww, now he’s on Twitter, follow him, his nickname is “@glenmazzara“. He has immediately said “I love Lauren Cohan. Great actress.” and then She’s great as Maggie. Has really terrific stuff coming up. We’re lucky to have her.. I was happy just for these words but asking for more informations without spoilers I got thisLauren Cohan’s a huge talent who’s done a great job bringing Maggie to life. No spoilers. I CAN say we are very lucky to have her on TWD.” 

So, thank you so much Glen Mazzara and good luck with the show!!! We love it!!!

What can I say?! I’m so excited for the future of Maggie right now, we will see something huge… and bearing in mind the wonderful performance of Lauren in The Vampire Diaries with the dementia/death of Rose… well, we’ve just to wait. The Feb 12th is getting close!!!

In the meanwhile enjoy this clip with a sneak peek from the next episode. 


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