FLOAT – Download & Clip (Lauren Cohan as Emily Fulton)

Have you ever seen FLOAT!??! It’s an amazing movie and If you love Lauren you MUST see it!!!

FLOAT is a heartfelt underdog indie-comedy that leaves you feeling upbeat and life-affirmed. The story is set in modern-day Glendale and revolves around an ultra hospitable but wheeler-dealer Armenian 20-something named Gevorg (HRACH TITIZIAN) who works in an ice cream parlor called ‘Float.’ The movie solidifies as an offbeat tale of friendship and fatherhood as Gevorg ends up bringing together and sheltering his mid-life crisis boss (GREG ITZIN) and down-on-his-luck, south Asian, ultimate fighter wannabe friend (JOHNNY ASUNCION, with subplots involving a Green Card marriage to Gevorg’s gorgeous Armenian cousin (ALMA SARACI) and the boss’s daughter (LAUREN COHAN), bitter and returned from the Peace Corp. With a humor as original as Kevin Smith but as offbeat as “Napoleon Dynamite” or “Garden State”, FILMTHREAT MAGAZINE declares that “Float is a real slice-of-life film for you to enjoy!”.


CLIP/INTERVIEW with the CAST (Lauren at 4:50 min.) -> ON FACEBOOK


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  1. I ordered this movie from amazon as soon as it was released on dvd a while back ago, she did a great job in it. As far as movie’s go it was just okay, but Lauren was brilliant as always. I had uploaded most of Lauren’s scenes to youtube a while back ago, but my old account was deleted. If anyone wants them re-uploaded I may be able to do so, so let me know! 🙂

  2. Hi great Lauren cohan fansite!

    Did you watch this video yet?


    Greeting from France


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