NEWS: Lauren Cohan shooting in “Children’s Hospital”

5 hours ago, Lauren has written on Twitter…

Yess!!! Yess!!! She will be a guest star (I think so, at the moment she’s a lead character in The Walking Dead) in “Children’s Hospital”,  a satirical comedy television series and web series that lampoons the medical drama genre, created by and starring actor/comedian Rob Corddry. I love him! Yesterday I was watching “Hot Time Tube Machine” and he was one of the starring with John Cusack… I was dying laughing…it’s crazy! By the way… Children’s Hospital is at the 4th season. They’ve wrapped 3 seasons, the last ep. was on Sept 1, 2011 and the fourth season began shooting Dec 1st, 2011. It’ll begin airing June 2012… so, we have to wait for a long time but doesn’t matter. We are patients FANS! I think that Lauren will be a guest star, she said “one episode” but who knows, now she’s free! This is an amazing NEWS. And she’ll be for sure in the 3rd season of The Walking Dead so… LET’S WAIT february for the new episodes of the 2nd season of The Walking Dead… stay tuned for all the news about it!!!

Enjoy this video about Children’s Hospital, can’t wait to see you there, in a comedy, being funny as she is! Inmate?! Doctor!? Will see!!!




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