EXCLUSIVE: Lauren on The Walking Dead Podcast “I definitely want to kick some ass and I miss my horse”

The Walking Dead ‘Cast (Jason & Karen) finally shared one of the recent interviews they had done with … Lauren Cohan! Yes, our Lauren! AMAZING INTERVIEW, I’d say.  Thank you so much Jason! It’s funny, interesting, lovely… Lauren sweet and hilarious as usual. Anyway, I’ve downloaded it from iTunes, ENJOY! Hope you’ll love it. I did it.

This is the description of the Podcast:

“First time co-host Gracie Lou joins me to interview the talented Lauren Cohan, a.k.a. Maggie Greene. Lauren talks about why Maggie has been so hot and cold with Glenn, what she likes most about doing The Walking Dead, what it takes for a zombie to scare her, and a lot more. And best of all she gave us a particularly unique, rather animalistic zombie sound. Rather pterodactyl-like, I’d say.  Note: We talked with Lauren about upcoming story lines in the comic a bit, and so there are one or two potential spoilers. They’re just small ones, but if you’re completely spoiler-averse, you may want to skip this one (but then again as we’ve seen thus far, just because something happens in the comic doesn’t mean it will happen on the show).”

LAUREN -> min. 4:10

Again… ENJOY!!

©The Walking Dead ‘Cast By Jason & Karen on iTunes


“Per la prima volta ho condotto con Gracie Lou, che mi ha raggiunto per intervistare la talentuosa Lauren Cohan, alias Maggie Greene. Parla Lauren sul ​​perché Maggie sia stata così calda e fredda (modo di dire sugli alti e bassi) con Glenn, ciò che le piace fare di più in The Walking Dead, quello che ci vuole per spaventarla dagli zombie, e molto di più.  Ma la parte migliore è stata quando ci ha dato un particolare suono unico da zombie…piuttosto animalesco, anzi, piuttosto alla pterodattilo, direi. Abbiamo parlato un pò con Lauren sulle linee della prossima storia nel fumetto, e quindi ci sono uno o due potenziali spoiler. Sono piccoli, ma se siete completamente avversi agli spoiler, si consiglia di saltare quel pezzo (ma come abbiamo visto finora, solo perché succede qualcosa nel fumetto non significa che succederà nello show).”


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  1. xD
    Her zombie sound is just unique!
    and the silence at the end with the last question about Maggie’s dead at the last comic !
    i can imagine her face!
    She is amazing and so sweet =P
    Thanks for the interview =D

  2. 😀 yeah… ahahahah… and, her laugh is contagious!!! Thank you for the comments 😉

  3. yep! hahahaha i love her laugh too! is like noise and charming! hahahaha and her accent, well what can i say? =P

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