Nov 30, 2011 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!!! (We didn’t know the ugly truth)

It’s finally the 30th of November. 29 years ago is born the amazing Lauren Cohan, one of the best actress/person ever and this is our SPECIAL GIFT for her. Do you remember our B-DAY PROJECT!?! Here it is!!! A FANVIDEO with all our pics and videos in which we say “HAPPY B-DAY LAUREN”. The opportunity to tell how much we love her, to make special her birthday!!! Hope you all like it and I hope Lauren will watch it!!!

Thank you to exist Lauren, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again….

…and thank you so much to every fans in this project like Niall, Tonia, Katherine, Sophie, Alessandro, Marmi, Donna, Michele, Alex, David, Dimitry, Svetlana, Hellboba, Nurr, Anastasia, Melody, Vitor… and all the fans all over the world absent in this video but present with the heart… 

  • ON FACEBOOK: 312 ILike
  • ON TWITTER: 590 Followers
  • ON TWITTER (following Lauren): + 10.000 Followers
  • ON THE WEBSITE: 2,815 Hits

…LAUREN has the best fans ever!!! I know that…

With love,



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  1. Omg!It’s great!

  2. The video is amazing! Congratulations =D !
    Even when we didn’t know the real day xD!

  3. Blame it on the web. I Still don’t know how this can be possible… but we’ve made the day of Lauren… that’s the best part!!!

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