Lauren Cohan’s funniest TRIVIA ever! Her name is Alice and today is her UNBIRTHDAY!

TA DA DA DAAAAN!!! And the world falls on us!!! (I’m kidding about her name, it’s still LAUREN! The one and only…) Ahahahah, Yeah, I follow Lauren Cohan since the 2007 and now I find out TODAY her real date of birth… yeah, today is NOT her birthday like all the websites said! We’ve made a video project for her and THANK YOU however, you are simply amazing. This morning I’ve written to Lauren “You think you’re special because its your birthday today. That’s complete nonsense… you’re special every day.” AHAHAHAH… well, that’s it!!!

We’ve made the day of Lauren… let’s read!!!


Hi guys, thank you for the birthday wishes. Somewhere along the line it got out wrong, it’s actually on January 7th

 I know, so true & confusing! Now I got two woohoo! 😉

Lauren has watched our bday video…


and then….

ahahahah…THAT’S AWESOME!!!!

At the end Lauren has written “In celebration of the #merryun-birthday” posting this hilarious video!!!

ahahahah… WHAT A DAY… SOOOO CRAZY!!!!

Now on Wikipedia (english) they’ve edited her birthday day writing JAN 7th 1983 … not 1982 … so waiting for a confirmation!!!


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  1. hahahahaha =P
    The ugly truth! I can’t belive it!
    hahahahaha the video, i can imagine her face when she saw all the messages! she is so funny!
    And… now we need a new idea for her real birthday ^^
    hahahaha but her Web Fake Birthday Rocks!

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