Birthday Project for Lauren Cohan – PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND JOIN!

Hey guys!!! Here it is, Lauren will be 29 on the 30th of November!!!

What do you think to make something SPECIAL for our Lauren!?! I’m thinking about a FANVIDEO with all our pics and videos in which we say just “HAPPY B-DAY” to Lauren or holding a sign like in the example (no, she isn’t me ahahah). It’s an amazing opportunity to tell how much we love her, to make special her birthday, and why not, to know better our faces, how much we are, who we are. Well, I think that a fanclub is a huge FAMILY, don’t be shy… nobody will find out this video if is NOT a fan of Lauren searching for something about her! PLEASE, JOIN IN THIS PROJECT, will be AWESOME!!! 

Read more to know what to do!

Let’s send the PHOTOS (it’s so easy to take a simple pic!) to or just go to the Fanclub on Facebook, there you can add all the pics you want!
Let’s send the VIDEOS (just few seconds! “Happy b-day Lauren” or you can tell where do you live or something to her… don’t forget, just few seconds!) to the same e-mail or upload it on MEGAUPLOAD (sooo easy) and give me the link on the Fanclub (or via e-mail)


Thank you sooooo much!!! Ask me on Facebook, here or on Twitter everything you want!!!

I’ll wait your pics and vids…   THE MORE THE MERRIER… YOU ARE THIS VIDEO, YOU ARE THIS GIFT!!!


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  2. can we still sending pictures?

  3. One week or seven days until u turn 29 i know u must be happy

  4. HaPpY bIrThDaY Lauren Cohan Love u and God Bless

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