The Walking Dead’s Latest Tasty Treat LAUREN COHAN in the The Hot List

Lauren now is in the HOT LIST by!!!

They write “You might not recognize the name, but Lauren Cohan had a pretty good run on the show “Supernatural” before her character was bumped off. That’s the thing with “Supernatural” — it’s best not to get too attached to anyone except the brothers, because invariably, the show will kill them off. Such is what happened to Lauren Cohan. Fortunately, our lovely American-born Brit (she was born here, moved and grew up over there) has gone on to bigger and better things, including what should probably be a lengthy stint on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” TV show. Unless, of course, they try to kill her off, which hopefully they won’t. In a show about flesh-devouring zombies, you never know. Fingers crossed!”

So, fingers crossed, yeah!!! I WANT A SHINING CAREER FOR HER!!!


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