Here We Go!

Welcome!!! This is the first & best source about the amazing actress Lauren Cohan. We are on Twitter, on Facebook and now… we have a website! First topic…Lauren is back on Twitter at the beginning of her new show, The Walking Dead. I was so happy but now is already disappeared. Well, don’t worry, she’ll be back. I’ve said a lot of time to her that Twitter is important for all of us to have a direct contact with her, to know how is going. Let’s hope. Btw, have you seen how much is amazing in this wonderful show!?! Yes, I’m a fan of  TWD too and now I can say that everything is perfect with her in the cast. What can I say?!? Welcome here to everybody, I love you guys… I love all the fans of Lauren, you are sweet, addicted, funny and so amazing (modesty aside)!!! Eh eh eh, the point is that she deserves fans like us and she deserves an amazing fanclub. So… let’s spread the word and follow us, everywhere! Thank you so much!

In this website, as you can see, there are sections dedicated to Lauren which I’ll update step by step.  There is her biography in english and italian; the CINEMA section with all her movies, the ON TV section with her tv-series. The QUOTES section that I’ll fill of quotes very soon and the TRIVIA section with all the curiosity about her. So, I hope you like it… and I hope to see you soon!!!



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